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Reliable Sprinkler Repair and More!

With SM Lawn Sprinkler & Irrigation System Repair, you can expect impeccable sprinkler repair, among other skilled services. And you can expect all of it from just one person – me – a top lawn contractor! I understand plenty about properly watering a lawn and will make yours in Westlake Village, CA perfect!

My Services

Smart Timer Installation

Smart Timer Installation

Do you want your sprinklers to turn on automatically at a time set by you? Perfect – that’s what a smart timer is for! I’ll install and set it up – you can enjoy the ease of irrigation afterward!
Broken Pipe Repairs

Broken Pipe Repairs

Broken pipes are a big no-no when it comes to the irrigation system of your lawn. If there is a burst pipe – I’ll handle the repairs and make it as good as new so everything can work as it should!
Regulator Installation

Regulator Installation

You need a regulator if your sprinklers are going to work as they need to, and I’m the one who will provide it. I know which regulator to get for your sprinkler system and how to install it perfectly!
Valve Installation

Valve Installation

The water can’t come out of anywhere if the valves are nonexistent. I’ll install those valves – I work with the highest quality and precise methods to get the work done exceptionally well!
Sprinkler Repairs

Sprinkler Repairs

As with everything else in people’s lives, sprinklers can’t work if they’re damaged. That’s why you should already be calling to ask about my lawn sprinkler repair – so I can remove that damage!
Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation

Countless people choose drip irrigation for their plants – it’s easier, and I can offer a quality drip system installation for you! Just ask, and we’ll talk about my refined approach!
Outdoor Drain Unclogging

Outdoor Drain Unclogging

You can’t let the outside drain stay clogged – all that waste has to go somewhere, and if it’s congested – well, that’s not going to happen. So – I’ll unclog your outside drain quickly and efficiently!
Outdoor Sprinkler Lining

Outdoor Sprinkler Lining

All the alignments must be complete before the sprinkler system can be put into use – that has to happen below ground. Let me deal with the lining of every sprinkler and enjoy the quality!

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  • Smart Timer Installation
  • Broken Pipe Repairs
  • Regulator Installation
  • Valve Installation
  • Sprinkler Repairs
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Outdoor Drain Unclogging
  • Outdoor Sprinkler Lining

Client Testimonials

The Finest Irrigation System Repair!

I tried taking care of the repairs on my own when the sprinklers went bust, but that was a massive fail. It wasn't my job to touch. I didn't understand much and wasn't aware of how to repair the problems that occurred. However, hiring this guy and retaining his irrigation system repair - the entire sprinkler system - was the best decision I ever made!

Your Lawn Should Be Properly Irrigated

There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful landscape and yellow, dying grass and flowers everywhere you look. What kind of a landscape would that be? Certainly not one you’d be proud of. That has a lot to do with how you’re irrigating your lawn and when – or if the sprinkler systems you’ve chosen are not working properly at all times. It’s not always just up to the flowers and lawn elements to make the appearance incredible. You need to look for an irrigation system repair service provider or general contractors! 

I Have Various Skills to Deal With Everything

My skills are varied and refined – that’s where my confidence comes from. That’s how I know that whichever one of my services my customers choose, they will get impeccable quality and my extensive work on the matter. And in the end, I know they will be receiving excellent results, and their lawns will thrive – I will ensure it every time. So, the customers who have landed on my business should be happy – they’re getting work from the finest contractor in town!

More Areas I Serve

I want to provide every yard with a proper irrigation system, and I can – so why shouldn’t I? I employ a policy of being fair to all, so I offer my skills and refined experience to more areas, and more people can rely on my excellence for their yards!

  • Agoura Hills, CA
  • Thousand Oaks, CA
  • Oak Park, CA
  • Cornell, CA
  • Lynn Ranch, CA

Call SM Lawn Sprinkler & Irrigation System Repair and work with me – your local, specialized lawn sprinkler system contractor! I work in and around the Westlake Village, CA area and can’t wait to employ my refined skills and ensure your yard receives the proper amount of water!


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